Romantic Garden Wedding Photos | Boho Fairytale Wedding | Michael & Emily

Last week, I was in Canada for Emily and Michael’s romantic garden wedding. The event took place in Calgary, on a perfect day.

After their epic engagement session, I couldn’t wait to get them in front of my camera again. I knew their exceptional style and special connection was going to make for some dreamy wedding photos.

Emily’s inspiration behind the wedding was “Bohemian Fairytale”. She has always loved enchanting literature and stories about magic. They blended this with whimsical boho details like dreamcatchers and Emily’s barefoot “sandals”. The result was a picture-perfect, intimate wedding day <3

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Ceremony Location- Reader’s Rock Garden

Reception Location- Heritage Park 

Bridal Gown – Claire Pettibone

Brides Wedding band – Michael Hill

Grooms Wedding Band – Art Carved

Brides Moonstone Pendant – Fallen Angel

Groomsmen and Groom Attire – Moore’s 

Antique Wedding Rentals- Vintage Loved

Gold Hanger for Wedding Dress- BHLDN


Emily Wein - July 24, 2015 - 5:15 pm

These photo’s are too beautiful to be real!! It’s so weird to get to see the day through shimmering rose coloured glass, it’s exactly the way it felt to me <3 Thank you <3 <3

Naomi Farr - July 25, 2015 - 3:54 am

Would love to feature this on Sweet Violet Bride!