Whimsical Hartley Botanica Wedding Photos | Woodland Fairytale Wedding | TJ & Becca

Becca and TJ’s Hartley Botanica wedding was a whimsical dream. As a fellow wedding vendor herself, Becca had a vision for the day and every element was executed perfectly to bring it together. Becca is a wedding cake artist and one of the major attractions during their reception was her elaborate dessert table, that she created in collaboration with Down Emery Lane. Dripping in moss, florals, and dainty desserts… this cake table is too gorgeous. Scroll down and see for yourself!

Becca and TJ’s relationship was the result of some matchmaking by Becca’s little sister, Bobbi. She sure knew what she was doing, because they hit it off from the first night and were inseparable. The following summer, Bobbi passed away in a tragic accident. Dealing with this immense loss together, really sealed TJ and Becca’s bond with each other. Bobbi was so missed at the wedding and I am sure she would have been so proud to see the beautiful day that these two were united as one.

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Venue | Hartley Botanica

Floristry & Decor | Down Emery Lane

Cake & Desserts | Singer Sisters Sweets

Makeup | Elite Makeup Designs

DJ | Phil Birdsell

Second Shooter | Sarah Sotro