La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | San Diego Wedding Photographer | Robert & Katie

Katie and Robert selected this beautiful location for their engagement session and I was astonished by it’s beauty. Sometimes you can travel all over the world and then find still find magic right at home :)

This was just dipping our toes in the water (literally!) for the absolute MAGIC that is going to go down at their destination wedding in the Bahamas this fall. I can’t wait!!!

La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-01 La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-02 La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-03 La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-04 La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-05 La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-06 La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-07 La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-08 La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-09 La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-10 La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-11 La-Jolla-Beach-Engagement-Photos-12


{Thank you Liz Carillo, for making Katie’s gorgeous hair look extra beautiful for this session!}

Mark Torres - April 16, 2016 - 4:46 am

Absolutely breathtaking. The skill, care, creativity and professionalism of Kristen was matched only by the overwhelming beauty of her subjects. Katie and Robert, may these stunning moments of your unconditional devotion to one another serve as a permanent reminder of your lifelong love which has only just begun.

Jamison Steinberg - April 16, 2016 - 6:44 am

Such beautiful pictures. My daughter looks stunning!