Fairytale Forest and Lake Bridal Session – Magical Day After Shoot {Maria and Corey}

The day after Maria and Corey’s fairytale wedding, we headed out for a whimsical day-after session at the cabin.

The way that the setting sun burst through the trees and illuminated the woods, absolutely took my breath away. The shoot finished up on the lakeside and the water was just like glass, as the sun sunk below the horizon. I vividly remember standing there and taking in the scene, and feeling so thankful. It was one of the moments that occasionally catches me off-guard, when I remember that my camera and a dream brought me to this place. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap my head around.

This was my last time working with Maria and Corey, after doing 3 shoots with them over the course of 6 days. At the beginning of the trip, we were meeting for the first time and by the last day, they felt like lifetime friends. I loved every moment of capturing the love between this couple and wish them the HAPPIEST of ever afters :)

Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-01 Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-02 Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-03 Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-04 Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-05 Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-06 Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-07 Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-08 Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-09 Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-10 Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-11 Enchanted-Fairytale-Bridal-Portraits-12

Lindsay Dianne Karlsson - August 27, 2014 - 10:29 pm

oh my goodness, that light, the forest, and water is DIVINE!!! amazing job as always!!!