Glam Florida Fairytale Wedding | Andre and Julie

What could possibly be more epic than getting to shoot the wedding of my style sister?! I got to capture the biggest day, for the special lady who dug deep and explored everything about me…to create the brand and web presence that you see today. If you’ve followed me for awhile now….you’ve heard about Julie Story more than once. She is the epic brand specialist and site designer who made my fairytale dream brand into a reality. AND a super great friend of mine. I feel so grateful to not only have gotten to play the role of the photographer on this day….but also plan the details alongside her and even attending the pre-wedding events. It was truly a pleasure to be a part of it all!

During the months of planning that my brand took, I got to know Julie pretty well. I learned that she was a single mother of two sweet littles (Leilie and Kairos) and had found a way to support them by pursuing her passion. She was a force to be reckoned with and wasn’t putting her life on pause to wait for a partner. She was already killing it on her own and I knew that the man she would end up with would need to be someone very special who would only add to that mix.

Andre came along and fit the part perfectly. He loves her fiercely and has put in the time and effort to form an intense bond with her children as well. Together, they are whole. They are unstoppable. To watch this day play out and see the joy it was creating, was so rewarding. Andre is truly the prince charming that brought a perfect happily ever after to this little family. I can only imagine the love they will spread to the world, now that these two sweet souls are united as one!

Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-01 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-02 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-03

Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-05 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-07 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-08 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-09 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-10 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-11 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-12 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-13 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-14 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-15 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-16 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-17 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-18 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-19 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-20 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-21 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-22 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-23 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-24 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-25 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-26 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-27 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-28 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-30 2015-11-10_082 2015-11-10_081 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-31

Julie had a special H.H. Boogie heirloom box that will house her wedding photos and mementos. Since I know this will one day be a special treasure to future generations, I wanted to get a photo of her holding it, on the day it all started. Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-32 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-33 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-34 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-35 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-36 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-37 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-38 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-39 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-40

This moment right here, had me sobbing behind my camera. Partway through the ceremony, Andre got down on his knees and read some special vows to Leilie and Kairos. The words he spoke to them were so genuine and heart-felt and had the whole crowd in tears. Such a special moment! Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-41 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-42 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-43 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-44 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-45 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-46 Glam-Fairytale-Wedding-Photos-47

This wedding brought together many peers from the photo industry that love and adore Julie! Was so fun to get to see all of these awesome people again!



Cake- Hands on Sweets

Second Shooter- Renee Rodgers  

DJ- Brittany Sound, Jon Hopkins MC

Videography- Nate + Lori

Hair- Katie Charos

Makeup- Sarah Otero 

Florals- Karen McDermott 

Cassy Perez-Young - November 14, 2015 - 5:36 am

Wow! What an amazing job! Thank you for loving my brother and sister so well in capturing their beautiful day. These photos are just as beautiful as I remembered this day. Blessings to you! ❤️❤️❤️

Candice C Wright - November 14, 2015 - 3:26 pm

These pictures are amazing!!! Every single one!!!

Jessica Pierce - November 15, 2015 - 2:45 pm

I got teary eyed just looking at these, especially the one with Andre on his knees reading the vows to the littles. So precious! God Bless!

Sherry Gillard - November 15, 2015 - 5:43 pm

Oh my gosh!! I’ crying….so beautiful!!!

Shannon Speake - November 16, 2015 - 4:51 am

What a beautiful wedding! Those portraits under the mossy trees had me swooning!! <3