Ireland Castle Ruin Engagement Photos | Irish Destination Engagement Shoot

In August, I got to return to the most magical place ever. My second home. IRELAND! It was so surreal to be back and it still doesn’t seem like I was actually there. It had been a few years since my first visit, so this trip and wedding were highly anticipated. I had an amazing time and cannot wait to return again, in March!

These two live in Seattle, but fell head over heels in love with the amazingness that is Ireland. When they got engaged, they just knew that this is where they wanted to have their wedding day.

A few days before the wedding, we met up for an afternoon of exploration. The bride had researched and selected her two favorite ruins from online and I went to work researching their exact locations. It was a success! And let me tell you…walking through a forest and coming up upon a well-hidden ruin is about as “fairytale” as it gets!

I had so much fun exploring the most enchanting places with these two…. make sure to check out this blogpost of their castle wedding.

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