Romantic St. Regis Monarch Beach Wedding Photos | Dreamy Blush Pink Wedding | Megan and Jordan

Jordan and Megan’s wedding at St Regis Monarch Beach, was a romantic and luxe dream-come-true. From the swoon-worthy muted color palette, to stunning venue scenery… there was a soft and enchanting feel to the whole day.

Megan looked like a real-life princess, in her breathtaking ballgown. Jordan beamed, during their first look, as she descended the grand staircase, just like a scene from a movie. These two have an effortless vibe about them. They just seem to fit, like two puzzle pieces….always meant to go together. They make it easy to believe in Happily Ever After.

Megan and Jordan, wishing you two the best and hoping you will continue to be blessed with all the best! xo
St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-01 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-02 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-03 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-04 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-05 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-06 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-07 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-08 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-09 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-10 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-11 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-12 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-13 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-14 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-15 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-16 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-17 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-18 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-19 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-20 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-21 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-22 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-23 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-24 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-25 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-26 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-27 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-28 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-29 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-30 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-31 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-32 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-33 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-34 St-Regis-Monarch-Beach-Wedding-Photos-35


Venue – St. Regis Monarch Beach

Planner – Maria Lindsay Weddings

Florist – The Dizzy Daisy 

Hair & Makeup – Design Visage

Dresses-  Mia Bella Couture 

Harpist & Violinist – Leah Tibbitts and Robin Cecil

DJ- Ultimate Events 

Videographer – The Seven Production

Second Shooter – Brittanee Taylor

Julie Megill - October 2, 2015 - 6:08 am

Amazing !!!!!

Millie Fred Giesecke - October 2, 2015 - 6:08 pm

loved every minute and so happy we were there with you, God Bless You and Jordan

Marilyn McCardle - October 3, 2015 - 5:00 am

Lovely, stunning!! Truly a dream event..